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Hello Mamaru, I am a classical composer and would like to feature this striking image in a non-profit making video for a symphony and possibly an album cover. As well as accreditation, I would also like to make a token payment for its use, so please could you contact me at: Much appreciated.

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Hi :grin:

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Hello, I was wondering if I could use this image ( of yours as a background for one of my drawings, if I have permission to use it, please tell me if you have an instagram account so I can give you the proper credits.

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Hi Mamaru, are you you copyright owner of this picture i love it and i want to use it on one of my project . Don't hesitate to contact me . cheers!

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you are artist :heart:

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i love your wallpapers especially the animal ones

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Hey Mamaru,

I'm an upcoming music producer, and I have a track I made a while back that would go really well with track is a kinda lo-fi instrumental that I titled Playground Memories. The theme of this image goes very well with it.

I found the image on Pinterest and edited it a bit to fit what I wanted for the video. If you'd contact me, I can send you the edited video. I would love it if you would permit me to use this image (with the minor alterations I mentioned previously). I would credit you in the song and all my social media and promote your work in other places as well. (Love your other work btw.)

Please contact me at if you are interested,or let me know if you are not. Just so I can know what to do.

Thank you.

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