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Sorry to bother you. But can you check Leximykitten in deviant art. He seems to sell one of your art which you posted in 2nd Nov 2014. Just to confirm that it is you or not. link is given below

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... our visual views and interests coincide ... there is something so mysterious, untouchable and hope of everything beautiful ...

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Thank you for the favourites.

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I'm noticing now how many people want to use your art fo their social media blah-blah. I'm just another one of those people. I'm wondering if I could use your piece, Link as a cover image in my worldbuilding project. The people that will see this are few, I use a backwater worldbuilding and writing platform called world anvil. This platform only has about a million people on it. If you want to see how it will be used go to Link.

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Hello Mamaru,

I want to ask you if I can use this picture ( for my website and social media posts. If you prefer I am more than willing to give you the credits (aka putting your name in the corner).

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Image Link: Link

Good day, I just want to know if you are the creator of the image? I'm hoping to have your permission on using it on a website I'm currently working on. I'll modify it and add tons of overlapping design and it will just serve as a pure background of the image.

Thank you and I'll be looking forward for your reply

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