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Hi, I am interested in this image for use on a front cover and would appreciate it if you could help me. -- Do you know who the artist is? Thanks Stewart

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Hi, I'm wondering if you are the author of the mountain image ( If so, would you advise as to the license fee for use on a website. Thanks in advance.

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No I am not the author. I recommend reverse image search.

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Are you the artist? How can I find him/her?

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Hey can you approve my photos?

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I just reviewed those :)

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Why did my wallpaper get rejected? Whats wrong with it it was the moon one

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I'm sorry but I don't remember that picture off the top of my head. You should read this. Maybe I rejected that picture by mistake, but I think probably that picture wasn't suitable as a wallpaper IMHO.

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Oh ok

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When will i become a trusted member?

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Hi my name is Cameron Davies, I am a student at Sacred Heart College, I am creating a magazine for a school assignment which requires photos that would appeal to boys aged 15-18 years old.I am inquiring if it is possible to use this photo in my magazine: will credit back to you if I am granted permission

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Hi, i'm a college student of translation department, and I would like to know if it's possible to use this image as our translation book cover of the graduation project: book is only for academic uses.Thank you :)