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Hey BelleDeesse - is this your photo? Can I use this as part of some album art?

Thank you!

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Annihilator - Alison In Hell (Live At Wacken Open Air 2015) the stupid crowd looks like they're in a pop concert. great band, but lame ass crowd :(. underrated Canadian metal band. they deserve more attention!.

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Lazarus A.D. "Revolution" 1,666,117 views absolute master piece of thrash metal if i do say so my self .... double HORNS UP HERE!. the drummer is a machine. :muscle:

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Power Trip - Nightmare Logic. Sounds like Obituary had a son with Kreator. :muscle: Power Trip is pure raw energy. One of the best modern metal bands for sure. Can't get enough of them!. This album constantly sounds like a pit opening up. Power Trip | House Of Strombo. The Strombo Show presents Power Trip in an intimate performance from the home of George Stroumboulopoulos to celebrate their critically acclaimed album, "Nightmare Logic"

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Hi I was wondering if it was possible to use/purchase a photo to use for an album cover thanks!

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