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Hi BelleDeesse, Are you the author of this picture? can i use this picture for commercial use? Thank you!

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Greetings, fellow enthusiasts, is often described as a combination of skill and luck. But where does the balance truly lie? Let's engage in a thoughtful debate about the role of skill and luck in Mahjong. Share your perspectives, personal anecdotes, and thoughts on how these factors impact the game.

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Oops, a little while ago I asked if it would be possible to include a couple of Tiger II pics in a FREE, printed booklet but I forgot to include the links. Here they are:, this isn't confusing...Cheers,Bill

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they are both public domain.

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Is it possible for me to use this roller coaster image for an internet album cover? No physical copies to be made/sold.

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it is public domain.

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They are both public domain.

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Thanks a lot

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how are you?

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