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I do not own any of these wallpapers I upload. Therefore I cannot give permission to use them except for use as desktop wallpapers.

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A limit has been placed on how many wallpapers I can approve in a 24 hour period. I will approve uploaded wallpapers on saturdays and sundays. As of now, I am approving wallpapers uploaded on January 1st 2019. So as you can see, I have almost 2 years of uploads to approve. Sorry it is such a slow process, I am doing the best I can. Again so sorry, please have patience. :grin:

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My favourite Bullet For My Valentine album. I dare you to listen to LOUD...giggle. :sunglasses:

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Hello, Can I use an image to my free game with reprocessing?

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Hi BelleDeesse,Do you own the copyright to this image? I am creating a stand for an upcoming event in London.If you do I would like to license it or permission to use your image with an attribution.Regards,Nicko

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Welcome back .

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Hi, I am a composer from Toronto. I am planning to release a song on Spotify with this image as cover art: let me know if you are the rights owner. There will be no physical sales, only streaming. Let me know if I can use above image as a cover art for the single. You can reach me at zavinmusic@gmail.comYou can listen to the song here

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