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Hi Belle Deessecan i ask for your contact

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My name is ceeony and I am the artist of this image. ( ) Please take it down. I have never agreed to have any of my work redistributed or in any other way used by people unauthorized to make use of it, and it even says so below the work on deviantArt.I never authorized the uploader or your website to provide this image in any kind of way, shape or form, nor do I want people messaging me if they could use this piece as no one will ever be authorized to. Legal persecution will be issued if this doesn’t get taken down.

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Hi BelleDeesse!

Please forgive my boldness, but I just saw a wallpaper made by you that amazed me (original dark fantasy). It's exactly the kind of art that matches with the story I'm writing in Wattpad; its title is "Princess of Wrath". Could I use it as the front cover?

Yours truly,Fede

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you have a blue computer board I’d love to use in my logo, it’s a wallpaper you have available for download. Can I use it for my YouTube channel?

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