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Hello !! I really like this work , can I post it on my Instagram account ? It's a symbol for me , I do not upload artistic content or art page , just in my personal account , because wolf is a symbol for me ....

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Hello BelleDeesse!I'm currently modding a fight stick, a mayflash f300 to be exact. I WOULD LOVE IT if you would give me permission to get a decal made of your persona wall paper for my fight stick. I would get it done off of to hear from you soon!Best wishes.

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Hi , I was wondering if you are to get your image Futuristic City in high Res for a wall feature (approximately 30 meg min )

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Rise And Rise of Motley Crue (VH1 Documentary) Between the dirt and this documentary I see Tommy Lee in a new light.I always viewed him as a loud mouth, inconsiderate D Bag. A MUST see for any true CRUE fan who wasn"t in L.A. at the birth of the worlds best ROCK SHOWS EVER KNOWN TO MANKIND !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rock On Crue.... Thanks for all the choice memories..., ALL the Love AND Respect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Animal Drive - "Uncle Tom's Cabin" (Warrant Cover) Can anybody make this song more badass?Animal drive: Hold my beer!. The guitarist got crazy in this one!Nice tribute, Jani would be proud.

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