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Hi, would I be able to use one of your wallpapers for my website (non commercial)? The wallpaper is

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Hello! I want to ask, did the owner of the photo answer you? Is it worth waiting for an answer or looking for something else? Thanks)

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Hi there. First of all i wanna say that you have a lovely art collection.

I was wondering if there is a specific license for this one?

Or am i free to use it as a thumbnail photo.

Best wishes

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  • I would like to use this wallpaper with an article I am posting on LinkedIn. Please advise.
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Sir, I would greatly appreciate receiving your permission to download and (possibly) use your terrific artwork - in an air-to-air combat composition that I am thinking about creating. My composition (if completed, and if I would use your image) would NOT be used for commercial purposes - but rather as a fun project that I "may" post on the flickr photo-sharing website. If given your permission to use, please provide me with a link of your choosing so that in the event I should use your image, I can apply proper attribution to you, the artist. Thank you for your consideration. rogerover.

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Hello BelleCan i use one of your wallpaper for an NON COMERCIAL insta Post?I add In PS some miniature I painted (by hand) and want to show it my buddies

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Hi, I would like to use one of your wallpapers for my personal website. It's non-commercial and doesn't generate any revenue. The wallpaper is

Thank you.

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Hi BelleDeesse.

I like free wallpapers as much as the next person, but not when they are taken, without permission. I'm the photographer and owner of the original file:

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