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:santa: Happy new year to everyone :christmas_tree: :christmas_tree: :blush:

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H A P P Y   N E W   Y E A R  !

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„Merry Christmas!”

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Tthanks for Favorites.

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For sexy (and nude) wallpapers: I cannot upload them here.

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Congratulations! Grin You are now a trusted member, this means that you won't need to wait for a review of your wallapers if they are uploaded to "family safe" categories!

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Hi Thank you!


I don't know if you can hekp me, but each time I'm trying to send à thread on the forum, it seems not work.


I see the loading gif, and then it disapear: No message, no refresh


And when I search my thread after that, I didn't find it.


I don't know if it a bug or if I'm doing somthing wrong. When I'me trying to "submit a bug" it seems not work too. 


Thank you.

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During these days I'm very busy, when I'll have time I'll give it a look, thanks for the message!

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