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hello so you have friends

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I need to know how to have the right to use your photo for a clothing brand? Please.

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I have a Podcast called Mic On A Platter and we'd like to use a section of this purple fractal image in a layout promoting one of our podcast. Do we have your permission to do so? Cheers, Erik Sochin - Mic On A Platter

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Hello. I would like to use this image URL address of Warsaw if it is indeed Warsaw? Pease may I have permission to do so. It is for a book I am writing. Jon Lang, Emeritus Professor University of New South Wales, Australia.

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I would like your authorization to use your illustration to print a deskmat.

This is the illustration I'm refering to:



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Hi Calimero,Am hoping to use your wallpaper of Forrest Gump sitting on a bench for a blog post cover photo, on our company blog, how should it be attributed? Please advise at your earliest. Thank you, Megan C.

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Hi. I’d like to use your gas mask wallpaper as a profile photo for my YouTube account. The reason I’m asking for permission is because I was planning on uploading videos with the wallpaper as my account photo. If I don’t have your permission that’s perfectly fine. I just figured I would ask first.

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