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Hello everyone, i was a Wallbase Uploader.

I had never imagine, that could exist a better place than that, where to continue one of my favourite hobbies,

to upload wallpapers, until when, just last night, by chance, i found Wallpaper Up.

I would like to say only one word, SPECTACULAR!

I liked as i saw it!

Thank you.

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Hi Shaolon, I'm so glad to hear this Grin I spent a lot of my free time here, just yesterday we opened the new forum.

I was inspired by wallbase when building this website, so you'll probably feel at home very shortly Wink

Clearly at the beginning your account will belong to the "Members" group, but if you upload more wallpapers following our rules I'll remove the need to wait for an approbation for every new upload.

Feel free to contact me for everything.


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Time very well spent Wink

I will explore this new land little by little as i have some more free time.

Thank you WallpaperUP!

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