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Review Of the Best Pressure Washers

At the editorial we have never encountered a cleaning job that is ‘too much’ for a pressure washer. No matter how stubborn, oily, or grimy a stain may be , a quick blast from a pressure washer and it's all as clean as new. A power washer is quite literally the ultimate cleaning solution.

If you’re looking for a brand new best rated pressure washer for your house, you’re in luck. In this best pressure washers reviews article, we will be introducing a range of pressure washers that we think are the best on the market at the moment. No need to search anymore, just pick one and you will have the perfect washer for whatever you may need.

Sun Joe SPX3000 Pressure Washer

We are fairly confident that the SPX3000 is one of the best electric pressure washers for the money right now. In all of our performance tests, the SPX3000 has exhibited impressive performance for such a cheap, small, and unassuming washer. The electric motor packed within can generate a water jet that is about 2,030 PSI (pounds per square inch) strong with a respectable flow rate of 1.76 GPM (gallon per minute). While it certainly will not be able to handle industrial-type jobs such as stripping paint or cleaning the external walls of multi-story homes, for residential use, the SPX3000 is definitely not a shabby choice at all. The fact that it is very quiet in spite of its high pressure potential makes it a great candidate for the title of the best home pressure washer.

While the build quality is mediocre at best, the green paint and relatively low-profile design make it look quite good in comparison to the bulky, industrial aesthetic of many gas pressure washers out there. In terms of design, one thing that we have got to mention about the SPX3000 is that in spite of the fact that it is quite solid and durable, the center of gravity is a little bit wonky. While we were moving it around, we found that the washer tended to slightly lean to one side so it’s at a much higher risk of tipping over and being damaged.

The accompanying accessories are a nice touch. You have five nozzles in the box that can replicate five beam angles that you can flexibly interchange depending on the task at hand. The 0-degree nozzle is meant for tasks requiring immense water pressure and pinpoints accuracy. Then you have the milder 15-degree, 25-degree, and 40-degree nozzles for general cleaning tasks. You also have a soap nozzle, too, to spray detergent while you’re giving your car a wash-down. SPX3000 is equipped with two detergent tanks to make the job a whole lot easier for you.

The assembly process is, frankly, quite nightmarish to go through. It took us a whole 30 minutes of painstakingly following instructions in the manual to set everything up. While we don’t appreciate the lengthy assembly time and the challenging process at all, the fact that we got a pretty good washer at the end kind of paid off for the extra effort.

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Ryobi RY142300 Brushless Electric Pressure Washer

The key to the Ryobi RY142300’s awesome performance is the 13-amp electric motor that it is equipped with. Capable of putting out a whopping 2300 PSI of water pressure and a 1.2 GPM flow rate, it is one of the few great electric pressure washers that are in the medium-duty range. Because of this very reason, though, just like the SPX3000, don’t expect it to be able to do the job of an industrial washer.

The quiet brushless induction motor will provide you with ample performance while also not being too loud  to annoy the neighbor and get you a noise complaint. The unique motor design should also make it more durable and less maintenance-intensive, as well.

As for the design, we really have nothing to complain about. Admittedly, in comparison to the SPX3000, the RY142300 doesn’t look as good or clean. Functionally, it is a superb machine. The center of gravity on this washer is low and balanced. We had tried to tug it and drag it haphazardly across the yard and we’re glad to say that it didn’t tip over once.

Speaking of the wheels, they are fairly large, so they provide quite a lot of mobility and flexibility while you’re working the washer. Hose management on the Ryobi RY142300 is also splendid. Overall, on ground of user-friendliness alone, this has got to deserve its position as one of the top rated pressure washers on the market at the moment.

When someone asks you what is the best pressure washer, just tell them that it is everything this washer is.

SIMPSON MSH3125-S MegaShot Gas Pressure Washer

For such a great and powerful gas pressure washer, it is also one of the most affordable on the market. Its performance rating puts it right into the heavy-duty range, capable of producing a water beam that, at maximum settings, has 3200 PSI worth of pressure and shoots out of the nozzle at 2.5 GPM. We have thoroughly tested this highest rated pressure washer and it is capable of polishing your entire driveway in just about an hour. The gas engine is manufactured by Honda, which is known not just for its efficiency and performance, but also reliability. Rest assured that this washer can last you a very long time without ever breaking down.

For such a powerful washer, though, it is surprising to us that it is so light. At only about 65 pounds, and especially when we take into account the set of wheels that it has along with the convenient handle, moving it around is almost effortless. Aesthetically it doesn’t really inspire. The look is purely utilitarian (and honestly, very ugly) so while you may be able to keep a washer inside of the house and in view of guests for great-looking washers like the SPX3000, the MSH3125-S is strictly something that you store in your tool shed or garage only. Nonetheless, the welded steel frame that this washer has made it an extremely durable machine that can stand just about anything that you throw at it.

This best gas pressure washer is pre-packaged also with a pretty high quality water hose. With it being abrasion and kink resistant, there is no need to fear it leaking or breaking while you’re using the spraying wand and cleaning. Aside from that, there are also a couple of nozzles for you to adjust the water flow to get the correct spray pattern suitable for the job at hand.


These are quite possibly three of the best rated power washers in the world and but we always encourage consumers to do as much market research of their own as possible before putting money down for anything. These products have been meticulously analyzed to ensure that they meet quality standards. If you’re short on time and are wishing to get a pressure washer immediately, we guarantee that you cannot go wrong choosing one out of the three suggested washers above.

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