How does the search engine work?

The search engine is based on tags, it will return wallpapers tagged with the keywords you search for.

There are many options you can use for making your search more specific, if they are not immediately visible they will be displayed once the search field in the header bar is in focus. You can search wallpapers by resolution, aspect ratio, category, license, color and sort them by popularity, date added, downloads, views or favorites.

But the search engine is way more powerful than that, it supports a Google-like syntax, and some more advanced options you can use which are not visible in the options panel, read all about them below.

Search syntax

The following is a list of syntax operators that you can use to fine tune your search query.

ANDBy default searching for multiple keywords separated by a space means that all of them must be matched in order for a wallpaper to be returned.
ORIf you want to match a wallpaper having either a keyword or another you have to separate them with the OR operator: "|".
NOTIf you want to exclude wallpapers matching a specific keyword from the results you have to prefix the keyword with the NOT operator: "-" or "!".
GroupingGrouping keywords together lets you apply other operators to multiple keywords at once.
Advanced options

After you submit your search query with some options setted you'll see that the generated URL will contain a string like: "color:8080a0+resolution:=:1920x1080". Under the hood we are basically converting each of your setted options in a format that looks like this: "option:modifier:value" and then join them togheter with a "+".

The following is a list of settable options that are available which are not shown in the search options panel but you can still use by explicitly writing them.


This lets you search only for wallpapers uploaded by the member having the setted member ID, which is the number visible in the URL of pages like "/member/profile/1115", in this case "1115" is the member ID of the member BelleDeesse.

memberThis works like the "member_id" option, except that you can use it with a username instead of an ID.
dayThis lets you search only for wallpapers uploaded during a specific day, which must be expressed in this form: YYYY-MM-DD.
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